The small details of the attractive Purple Phalaenopsis orchids exudes luxury, beauty and strength, matches with the rose-tinted gold chrome vase to create a timeless masterpiece.

This package includes:

  • 1 stalk of Premium Phalaenopsis Orchid
  • Rose Gold Vase
*All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. 
Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

RM 112.00 RM 109.00

Inclusive 6% of SST

  • Dolly

    Thank you for being most prompt with my order. The orchids cheered mom up whilst she was awaiting surgery. Also cheered up the other 2 patients and all the nurses and doctors. Mom is home now with the orchids in her living room. Thank you ❤

  • azlin juliana harun rasheed

    Love the service in terms of communication. Flower quality is good. Keep up the relationship building with every customer \'big\' or \'small\'.

  • Azlin Juliana Harun Rasheed

    Must inform client when the flower was last watered so client can count the 10 days for the next watering. 3 of the flowers wilted on the 5th day after delivery. Perhaps opt for another colour for the ribbon as the red one does not match asthetically. As of today (11th day after delivery) the orchid look good. Do you have other tips on caring for the orchids? Good experience with your customer care - helpful and pleasant.

  • P.Menon

    It was a last minute option and finally decided to choose this for the new home as gift for the family. It was perfect and arrived as it is on the picture.

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