Founded in 2013, Orchid Culture was first established in Bangsar Shopping Centre with the aim of elevating premium orchids with exemplary craftsmanship. Today, we operate from 4 outlets across Klang Valley, offering orchids of the finest quality with a wide range of customisation services to turn every stalk into a personal, unique and memorable experience.

At Orchid Culture, as our name implies, orchids aren’t just exuberant, majestic flowers; they’re part of our culture. That means we live and breathe orchids; they are our passion and our purpose, which is why we don’t resell, redistribute or remarket what others produce. Instead, we nurture and cultivate each orchid specimen ourselves, at what is arguably THE largest Phalaenopsis orchid nursery in the country, so our orchids are literally ‘fresh from the farm’ when they reach you.

And because orchids are such a big part of who we are, we ensure every flower we make available is of a distinctive quality - our pride, inspiration and experience blossomed into living, breathing reality.

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