Unlike conventional flowers, which last a few days at most, our orchids can provide lasting pleasure for up to a month if proper care is taken; or even longer, if you take the time to cultivate new life from them. Use our Cultivation & Care Guide below to ensure you enjoy your orchid experience.

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    (But Not Too Much)

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  • Orchid Culture


Let there be light

(But Not Too Much)

Orchids love the sun, but leaving them in direct sunlight might be too much of a good thing. You want to nourish it, not fry it.

Here’s a pro tip: place your orchid at a north or east-facing window to ensure it gets the least amount of direct sunlight!

Not sure how much is ‘too much’? The leaves will tell you everything you need to know:

  • Too Little: Dark, soft leaves. Time to migrate to somewhere warmer.
  • Just Right: Bright green and hardened leaves. Well done!
  • Too much: Yellowish-green or red leaves. Keep it out of the sun, and quick.

Water, water every week

Orchids don’t need daily watering – a weekly 150ml dose will do just fine.

Make sure the pot comes with drainage holes. You don’t want your orchids choking on excess water.

The frequency of watering depends on three conditions:

  • The Weather
  • The Pot
  • The Medium in which the orchid is planted

Check the roots to see if your orchids are getting the right amount of water:

  • Too Little: Grayish-white roots. Feed it before it dies of thirst.
  • Just Right: Healthy green roots. Someone’s got a green thumb!
  • Too Much: Mushy and brown roots. S.O.S – it’s drowning.

Room to breathe

Phalaenopsis orchids thrive in a humid environment. If you want your orchids to live long, you’ll have to watch the humidity level.

If your orchid is in a dry environment, try dampening the surroundings – but not without proper ventilation, because still air can kill your orchid, too.

Stagnant air also encourages the growth of fungal infections; a windy environment will help keep it to a minimum.

Pot it right

An ideal pot has:

  • Ample air space: Helps retain moisture from your weekly watering.
  • Good drainage: Keep the roots and leaves from turning mushy!

The ideal medium: Sphagnum moss, for its ability to retain water and fertiliser for longer periods. Note: do not water if the moss still wet.

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