• Are your orchids real?

    Yes, all our orchids are real.

  • How long can your orchids last?

    Our orchids can last up to one month depending on the environment and how they’re treated.

  • Are your orchids hard to maintain?

    Taking care of our orchids is simple. All you need to do is:

    • Water your orchids once a week with 150ml water
    • Place your orchids in an airy, well-ventilated location
    • Keep orchids away from direct sunlight
    • Fertilise the orchids after petals begin to fall
  • Does having more buds mean an orchid will last longer?

    Not necessarily, but when an orchid has more buds, it needs more light to bloom.

  • Which orchids can last longer?

    Generally, all our flowers can last up to 1 (ONE) month, while some promotional flowers can last up to 3 (THREE) weeks. However, smaller flowers need more light to keep them blooming. Also, bear in mind that Doritaenopsis (DTPS) orchids are more sensitive to light, so they will also need more light to make them last longer.

  • Why do you sell promotional plants and Doritaenopsis plants?

    Promotional plants are used for short term events or seasons. As for Doritaenopsis( DTPS), these are usually meant for table top arrangements.

  • What is the difference between promotional plants and regular plants?

    Promotional plants are usually recommended for short term events or gifts. Unlike our regular plants, promotional plants are off-the-shelf items and not customisable.

  • Why is the leaves of my orchids yellow?

    This depends on the location of the leaf.

    Located in lower tier - These naturally become yellow as new leaves grow.

    Located in upper tier – If these leaves become yellow, it’s because of too much sunlight, too little water or poor ventilation.

  • Can your orchids flower again?

    Yes, they can after 6 (SIX) months. Normally our plants will flower twice a year. To help make this happen, you’ll need to:

    • Cut the plant and leave 1 inch of the stem.
    • Put the plant outside under the shade, away from direct sunlight.
    • Water the plant once a week.
    • Use fertiliser to make it grow.
  • How do I use the fertiliser?

    Follow these steps to make proper use of the fertilizer:

    • Apply fertilizer No. 1 for 4 months, on a weekly basis. Press 5 times after watering. Fertiliser No. 1 is used to strengthen the roots and leaves.
    • After the plant is grown, change to fertilizer No. 2 to make it flower.
  • Why do you use sphagnum moss?

    There are variety of grades for sphagnum moss, the best grade is AAA. Which we are using, because it has more neutral PH. Which can last longer and contains more water.

  • Is your growing method the best?

    Our eco-growing method has been tested and proven to be extremely effective. However, Phalaenopsis flowers can be adapted to different growing methods depending on how well you take care of it.

  • Is air-conditioning a must?

    It’s not necessary, but it is preferred if you want to maximise the lifespan of your orchids. The optimum temperature is between 20-28ºC.

  • Can the orchids be left in a car?

    Yes, but you’ll need to make sure the air-conditioning is running. If you are near our outlet, we would be happy to take care of your orchid on our premises should you need to go shopping or run errands.

  • Can I return my orchid and have your staff take care of it until it flowers again?

    While we would love to, we are unable to do this at the moment due to space and resource constraints.

  • Can we get discounts on orchids?

    Unfortunately, we don’t offer discounts at the moment. However we are looking to establish a loyalty program in the near future.

  • How often do you replenish your stock?

    Our stock is replenished on a weekly basis, but also depends on seasons and planting periods.

  • Where are your orchids from?

    Our orchids are grown at our farm in Ulu Yam, with only the best flowers sent out for sale. Visiting the farm is by closed invitation only, but you are more than welcome to visit the shop there.

  • Do you have any outlets?

    Yes. We have our outlets in BSC, The Gardens Mall, DC Mall and The Linc.